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An Affiliate of OAUG

Event Responsibilities


Hosting an Atlanta OAUG Meeting

For 2007 the meeting facility is provided by Matrix Resources.


The location is in Dunwoody. Address is 115 Perimeter Center Place #250, Atlanta, GA, 30346

Matrix provides a sign in their lobby to welcome OAUG.

There are three rooms provided, each of them have internet access.

Host is invited to stop by the office for a quick tour, if needed.

  • Main meeting room - will hold approximately 55 people and includes tables and chairs. There is a table in the back of the room to lay out OAUG/vendor information. Matrix provides the projector and screen for this room.
  • Breakout room #1 Boardroom to seat 12. Host to provide a projector, if needed. Use this room for to sit up the food and use for the networking area 8:30 - 9:05.
  • Breakout room #2 Small room with round table to seat 12. A monitor (no projector) is available to connect to laptop of the facilitator.

A host is required for each meeting. In exchange for hosting, the host will receive the 15 minute vendor spotlight slot in front of the entire group. The responsibility of the host company is to provide the following:

  1. Direct the attendees to breakout room #1 at the beginning of the meeting where the food is located. Keep the main meeting room closed until 9:05 (exception are speakers who need to coordinate their presentation. This is a technique to encourage more networking rather than attendees finding a chair and not moving.
  2. Blank name tags (attendees will complete) and thick magic marker pens. Verify that all attendees put their company name on their badge.
  3. Manage the registration table. Provide a bowl to collect business cards. Greet attendees and
  4. Continental breakfast for 50. This includes coffee, water, juices, fruit tray, pastry tray and possibly a warm breakfast snack. The breakfast should be laid out by the caterer on the tables provided in breakout room #1 (boardroom). Brenda will provide a list of caterers in the local area.
  5. verify everyone puts a business card or nametag in the door prize bowl.
  6. Provide your e-mail address to accept reservations.
  7. Prior to beginning of meeting (Wed) make copies of agenda, newsletter and speaker's handouts.
  8. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, place the agenda and handouts in each chair so attendees do not need to carry them around during the networking time.
  9. During the meeting, make copies of business cards for each attendee.
  10. Provide projector to hook up to speaker's laptop for PowerPoint presentations.
  11. Provide a laptop with all the presentations to hook up to the projector.
  12. Provide door prizes. It can be one major prize or several smaller prizes. It is up to host to decide upon the prize(s). Example of past gifts i-pod, microwave, USB drives, gift certificates, model car, caps, t-shirts, book & book bag, - you name it!
  13. Clean up the three meeting rooms and refreshment area at the end of the meeting. Remove all handouts, agendas, food, etc. Place all chairs back in place in an orderly fashion for meetings to be held later in the day. Remember that when Matrix Resources is hosting the meeting that we are their guests and they are providing the facility at no cost. They can revoke that privilege at anytime. Please be cooperative and respectful of their time and facility.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer.

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